Ham Swap

Saturday, September 4, 2021

Cabela's, Reno, Nevada

List of Planned Items Available at the Swap on Sept 4, 2021

List is updated daily.

(Updated on 8/31/21)


Swap Attendee Description items to sell
1 Various Icom and Yaesu transceivers HF, vhf Other stuff.
2 Heathkit items, test equipment, vintage parts/components
3 Radio equipment, parts and supplies and much more (2 spaces)         
4 Transceivers/antennas
5 Motorola, Motorola, Motorola.  Did I say Motorola??
6 Kenwood 590 (2);Yaesu 851, Alex loop antenna, HTs; computer parts
7 40M yagi, 10-15-20 yagi, duplixer, misc stuff
8 Swan 600 Twins, Swan MK II Linear Amplifier, RC Sailboats with radios, misc. station equipment.
9 Ham radio and electronic equipment only.
10 Icom IC-735, Kenwood TS-930S station, handhelds, antennas, misc electronics. What ever else Radio stuff I can find :)
11 small parts, junk boxes, wire
12 Some old Heathkit items, and a few odds and ends.